Discover how to reclaim up to 10 hours off your work week... while increasing your income and eliminating stress.

Discover The Solution To Burnout and Overwhelm…

Designed Specifically for Physicians and Clinicians

With nearly 20 years as a trusted advisor to physicians, I’ve seen firsthand the toll that burnout and stress take on their practices and lives…

When you’re ready to stop wishing you were in any other field than medicine… when you’re ready to get back on track with your career AND your personal life… when you’re nearing the end of your rope and you know that if you don’t change something, you’ll be yet another statistic… That’s when it’s time for Balanced MD Leaders.

We have worked with physicians as trusted advisors for nearly 20 years, helping them to achieve professional goals, rekindle personal relationships, create positive cultural shifts within their organizations, and experience personal transformations that shift their outlooks in a life-changing way.

Our Service: Balanced MD Leaders


  • Physicians and clinicians who are burned out or becoming burned out and need a change NOW
  • Those committed to making real change and doing the work required to see a shift
  • Medical professionals who are open to coaching and understand that they don’t have all the answers
  • Practitioners seeking to proactively prevent burnout from ever impacting them


  • Anyone who isn’t ready to make a change in their professional and personal lives


  • You will regain control of YOUR LIFE again!
  • You will begin to sleep better – both in quantity AND quality!
  • You will have more REAL time in your day – not just wRVUs or “productive hours”
  • You will improve your personal and professional relationships – including those that have suffered because of your practice
  • You will work fewer hours and still have a thriving practice


  • Be ready to put in a few hours of effort each week to make real change in your life
  • Be a practitioner running or working in an active practice
  • Be truly at the point where you’re ready for and committed to change

Discover how to reclaim up to 10 hours off your work week... while increasing your income and eliminating stress.

Make the changes that lead to your ideal life and practice.

Take the first step toward freeing your life with our free training:

The 5-Step Game Plan Smart Physicians Are Using to Beat Burnout, Escape 60 Hour Weeks, and Finally Win Their Freedom Back…

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