Discover how to reclaim up to 10 hours off your work week... while increasing your income and eliminating stress.

Stress & Burnout Don’t Have To Be Part Of Your Story.

Discover the change that leads to a better life.

You are a doctor who is ready to STOP the burnout, moral injury, career fatigue, or whatever you want to call it.

… You are ready to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, sleep through the night again, spend time with loved ones, enjoy weekend and vacations without worrying about work. You are ready to ENJOY LIFE AGAIN.

And you know that something has to change, or you’re headed for a career change, health crisis, or worse.

You may have tried other options… yoga, wellness retreats, cooking classes, “training” to help you chart faster, sabbatical, fractional quitting and/or taking on a leadership role to reducing your patient contact hours, therapy, medication, or any other magic bullets that promise the moon and leave you hanging.

But now? You’re ready to make a real change. You’ve reached the end of your rope and you know that something has to give. And you’re not ready for that something to be you.

You want to go back to practicing medicine the way you dreamed it – the way you knew your practice could be when you were a med student soaking in all the knowledge you could with stars in your eyes about what was possible for you.

You want to fall in love with your practice again – and stop feeling overwhelmed, overworked, underappreciated and underpaid for the blood, sweat, tears and soul you pour into your patients every single day.


Without a real, proven system to getting your life back… you know you’ll become jaded, disillusioned, and ready to quit… even more than you already are.

With all the upheaval in today’s healthcare system, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Waiting for the entire system to change will not make your life better TODAY or for years to come. More patients, shorter appointments, more public reporting, more pressure to be productive, more paperwork, more time typing in your EHR, and even less time for you to do what you love and change the lives you know you can change.


You, more than anyone, knows that there’s no one magic pill that works for everyone. Treatment protocols simply must be tailored to the individual to account for lifestyle, habits, history, and diagnosis.

But most so-called “experts” claiming to solve your problems have just one system they show you – and if it doesn’t work, you must have done it wrong. They’re not helping and guiding YOU… they’re simply taking a preconceived notion of what works and shoving it your way, hoping that it’ll stick.

Don’t confuse those predetermined plans with true mentorship.


Balanced MD Leaders is DIFFERENT.

We help our clients truly work through their individual, unique situations and come out on the other side with more time, more energy, and more excitement for their lives.

And what’s more – we go far beyond your workday… to help you find joy and balance in your ENTIRE life.

If you’re looking to take the first steps to freeing your life – eliminating and preventing burnout while melting away stress, finding more time to do the things you love, and making the income to support your dreams… then I have a free training you’ll want to see.

The 5-Step Game Plan Smart Physicians Are Using to Beat Burnout, Escape 60 Hour Weeks, and Finally Win Their Freedom Back…

Welcome to Balanced MD Leaders. I’m glad you’re here.

Discover how to reclaim up to 10 hours off your work week... while increasing your income and eliminating stress.

Make the changes that lead to a better life.

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